Beyond Academics

The school exposes the children to several extra-curricular activities. There is ample scope for children to extend their learning and get excellent first hand experience through activities beyond the regular school time. The range of activities on offer includes: sports, music, drama, art and design and outdoor education. This is in addition to a wide range of adventure and nature camps and educational excursions.

Morning Assemblies

The children meet every day for an assembly of 15 minutes in length. The assemblies which are themed across the week, reflect on contemporary & value-oriented issues. The assemblies include a pledge, a prayer, news reading, thought for the day, new word to be learnt, a quiz question and a small article of common interest.

House System

All pupils from class I to class XII are divided in four houses, Damanganga, Narmada, Sabarmati & Tapi. All co-curricular activities are conducted on inter-house basis. The house, which gets maximum number of points including academic performance becomes the champion house of the year.

Literary Activities

Gnyan Dham encourages its students to participate in a number of Inter House and Inter School literary activities like Quiz Competitions, Debates, Elocution, Extempore, Essay Writing and Handwriting Competition in different languages, Spelling-Bee Competition and several other literary aspects.

School Clubs

Students Council

School Cabinet

Special Events

Workshops & Seminars

Guest Speaker Program

Trips & Excursions

Out-of-school visits for children are organised periodically and visitors of interest are invited to school to enhance and enrich the children’s learning experiences. When travelling or entrance fees are necessary, parents are asked to meet such costs by making a voluntary contribution. The teachers plan school trips carefully and a full risk assessment is carried out before any trip can take place and on all trips the recommended ratio of adults to children is fully met. The school always seeks written parental consent before taking children out of school.

Inter - School Competitions

Value Education

Community Outreach Program : Community Service

Best Practices in School

International Dimensions