Resource Center

School has a well equipped Resource Center, where teachers are trained on a regular basis. All the teachers are equipped with laptops, required software and internet connectivity as an aid to teaching. The teacher's resource centre has been built for teachers to develop new and innovative lessons for students.

Our School Library

We encourage our pupils to develop a love for reading and books. Our library is an attractive room where pupils can borrow fiction and non-fiction books.

The School library is an important resource centre for the whole school. It has a busy, but a quiet atmosphere. The library is open throughout school working hours with the Librarians on hand to give advice. The school library is also open on holidays when the school office is open.

The school has a collection of about 23,000 good books inclusive of fiction, reference, subjects and general knowledge. About 45 periodicals, magazines and newspapers are also provided in the library. Our Primary classes also have a separate class collection. Students of class III to VIII have their own class library in the classroom.
Computer Education & Computer Aided Learning

Gnyan Dham School has one of the most advanced and well-equipped computer labs amongst all the schools. We have 3 computer labs with over 100 networked computers dedicated to our students right from Nursery to Class XII. The labs are fully equipped with the latest printers, scanners, LCD Projectors and leading edge software.

The school emphasizes on Computer Aided Learning and all the classrooms upto Class X are equipped with Smart Boards and LCD Projectors.

School Labs

The school has the following state-of-the-art labs for students: Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Psychology Lab, Social Science Lab and 2 Maths Labs. A new Science Lab has also been setup for the benefit of our Middle and Junior School students.
School is also having Subject Rooms for Primary and Middle School classes.

Biology Lab

Chemistry Lab

Maths Lab

Physics Lab

Psychology Lab

Junior Science Lab

Technology @ Gnyan Dham

Smart Class

Smart Boards have been installed in the classes from Nursery to Class X. Teachers prepare their lessons with multimedia content on their laptops in advance and present them on the Smart Boards in the classroom.
Students are learning with colourful and multimedia-rich content.
Teacher’s lessons can be saved for future teaching and hence repeated writing work of teachers is reduced. Teachers can therefore now focus more on interacting with children and save time in the class.
CCTV Cameras have been installed in the entire school premises including all the classrooms

All the teachers have been provided with Windows based laptops and wifi internet for :-
Creating and sharing their lessons with Smart Notebook software.
Creating videos, presentations and documents.
Preparing question papers, assignments etc.
Attendance entries, marks entries and other school activity records.
Communicating with students and co-teachers via the Google Apps for Education platform.

All the staff members and students from Class III to XII have been provided with a free Google account (G Suite for Education) for communication and collaboration.
Teachers and students can easily share files and work together on the same projects at the same time.
Google Classroom app allows teachers to share additional resources - websites, videos, ebooks etc., thereby taking the teaching-learning beyond school hours.

A web-based school administration software “Vidyalaya” has also been implemented for day-to-day administrative tasks.
All staff members and students have separate login accounts in Vidyalaya.
Routine administrative tasks like staff attendance, student attendance, results, Bonafide, Leaving and other certificates for students, school fees, online fee collection, student details, HR details etc. are managed on this platform.
SMS and Emailing is in-built into the system for easy communication with staff and parents.


The sports department trains the children in team games such as basketball, football, volleyball, cricket and individual games such as badminton, table-tennis and athletic events such as jumps, throws and sprint. Pupils are encouraged to develop their performance to the highest level, which has resulted in many of our pupils achieving district, state and national level representation. Indoor games such as chess and carrom are also promoted. Students are also trained in Karate and Skating. The school’s facilities include: a tennis court, a football ground, 3 basketball courts, table-tennis and badminton courts, and an impressive athletics track.

Art Studio

Our School’s Art Studio is a place where students are free to work on their creative wings. Apart from academics, drawing students are expressing their artistic talents by making different models, posters, messages for exhibitions, projects and social rallies under the guidance of their art teachers. Students learn to handle various art mediums such as acrylic, oil painting, collage and various craft activities. We emphasize to work on “Best from Waste”. Our students regularly participate in Inter school, State and National level competitions. We are also sending students for Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Grade Examination of Maharashtra State every year. Class XI & XII Humanities students have opted Painting as 5 th subject and some other students have taken Painting as an optional subject and showing excellent results. Students are also motivated to prepare attractive decoration and displays for Annual Day, Exhibitions, Fun Fair, National Festival celebrations etc. on a regular basis.

Learning Music @ Gnyan Dham

Our team of Music teachers train the students in vocal as well as instrumental music. Students learn Hindustani classical & Semi Classical songs, Hindi and English prayer songs, Devotional songs and Patriotic songs as part of the regular curriculum.

Gnyan Dham has three Music rooms equipped with the best musical instruments. Students learn to play Piano, Guitar, Tabla, Octapad, Drum, Triple Congo and Dholak.

Students are encouraged to participate in various Inter School Solo & Group Singing competitions on a regular basis. Our students have won various prizes for their performance in such events.

Our school’s Orchestra is unique. Students get good exposure and opportunity to display their talent by performing Orchestra for various cultural programmes like Annual Day, March Past on Annual Sports Meet, Independence Day and Republic Day.


Different forms of dance like (Classical, Folk, Western) are an integral part of our curriculum for primary students. Regular dance classes are also conducted on a weekly basis.

As an extended activity, every festival is celebrated with dance performances by students from Nursery to Class II, which are invariably witnessed by their parents.

For standards III to V, theoretical training is imparted about regional, folk and classical dances from all parts of our country. The training includes historical significance of the dance, costumes and makeup. The training also includes practical sessions with the use of audio visual aids.

As part of the regular cultural activity of the school, both inter school and intra school competitions are held for dance. The dance performances are included in various events organised by the school throughout the